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Being more than concerned about the uncontrolled escalation of illness conditions and killer disease in our society for the past twenty nine years, this is our attempt to assist you to remove yourself from the statistical list.

In Australia the statistics (ABS), include, but are not confined to, the fact, that more than 70% of the Australian population suffer one or more chronic illness conditions. In 1947 this figure approximated 42%. It is important to note that  the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Health Summary does not include persons in nursing homes or hospitals

Unlike government "sick care' erroneously called health care, this website is about "Predictive-Preventive" medicine.

Many plagiarising doctors of medicine on the web will sell you health giving information. We offer it for free.

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Conjugated Linoleic Acid
CoEnzyme Q10

Deadly Pyramid
Essential Fatty Acids
Iron & CoFactors
Lack of Essentials

Liquid Zinc
Low Reactive Protein

Magnesium Chloride


Natural Killer Cell regulator

Nature Knows

Palmetto Plus


Simple Sugars
rans Fatty Acids
Vitamin C



The information contained in this website is shared in an effort to create an awareness of choices available and is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness condition, but rather as nutrition-oriented support. Those statements, which may appear to be  controversial are the carefully considered opinion of the author who accepts full responsibility for the web-site in its entirety.

We are not registered medical practitioners. We are clinical nutritionists, and as such do not diagnose disease or illness conditions. We utilize Metagenics Comprehensive Health Appraisal Questionnaire (HAQ) which prioritises organ/tissue reserves in nutrient needs cellular malnutrition, etc. The HAQ then is programmed to ascertain those supplements designed to rectify the cellular malnutrition, together with other problem-specific, herbs, and co-factors. None of the contents of this website are approved by the FDA or TGA.

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